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Super Engine at Lightning Speed against Icy Force

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Changan CS95 Maiden Voyage in Frozen Snow Building up Stronger Core

On February 14, 2017, Changan CS95, high-performance full-size SUV under Changan Automobile, held Grand Ice and Snow Test drive in Changbai Mountain, lands of ice and snow in China. More than hundreds of core media from national automotive industry witnessed the breathtaking performance of Changan CS95 in snow-covered land, which represents the highest level of Changan Auto and most powerful Blue Whales 2.0TGDI Engine in China.

It is really an ordeal for vehicles to challenge multiple test-drive items of super difficulty under extremely cold weather at 30 degree under zero in spite of sudden snow in extreme climates. Despite 400,000 square meters of vast ice and harsh environment, Changan CS95 withstood piles of challenges with its excellent dynamics, control systems and intelligent safety equipment, fully manifesting Glory of King as Best China Core.

For vehicle, its full-range comprehensive performance weighs most to complete ice snow test drive of high standard. As core power system of Changan CS95——Best China Core + World's largest Aisin 6AT gearbox + Berg Warner NexTrac intelligent 4WD system forms the Golden Power Trio.

What is the most significant is Blue Whale 2.0TGDI Engine, the most nationwide powerful and world-leading engine, for which Changan Auto has spent six years of forward development. Boasting of three features, i.e. being extremely powerful, extremely clean and extremely quiet, this model of engine has opened a brand-new realm of power for independent brand with its superb explosiveness, super power, and super low-speed performance.

Global-leading Aisin 6AT gearbox perfectly matching Best China Core can bear 450N•m torque to maximum, enjoy six superb advantages, namely excellent fuel economy, rich control functions, efficient transmission efficiency, quick shifting response, advanced neutral function, and free lifetime maintenance of transmission oil, and can complete shift response within 0.8s . Especially in complex road and off-road conditions, smooth and quick manipulation can be realized.

Forward model usually suffers from great power loss while driving on ice of low-cohesion, therefore driving a high-power weighty bulky vehicle is more thrilling and exciting. However, Changan CS95 equipped with brand-new generation of Borg Warner NexTrac intelligent 4WD electronic-control system has unmatched driving performance and it can cross country and relieve itself from difficulties smoothly, rapidly and fearlessly against snowfield, steep slopes, mountain and desert.

As a founding unit of American Intelligence Alliance, Changan Auto has developed unmanned intelligent technology at international advanced level. Changan CS95 will apply many latest technology configurations for unmanned driving intelligence, provide solutions to forward-looking security travel program, and adopt multiple unmanned technologies, such as all-speed ACC self-adaption cruise, lane deviation warning, auxiliary PAB warning, auxiliary intelligent changing of lane, automatical parking system, 360° panorama image system, and intelligent dashboard camera, which play a crucial role in handling complicated ice and snow driving environment.

What deserves to be mentioned is that CS95 carries the  latest in Call intelligent vehicular interconnected system, provides multiple on-line intelligent service experiences, such as online navigation, leading online voice, and rich interconnected entertainment. And navigation, sunroof, air-conditioner, multimedia, and telephone can be controlled via voice and the life information like on-line weather, stocks, and news can be searched by voice. Convinent and concise voice control offers pleasant surprise for test drivers and graces the ice and snow test drive.

In addition, simplicity•design aesthetics stemming from modern purism makes Changan CS95 tough, elegant, mature, and pure. Supreme 4949*1930*1785mm full-size 7-seat space and 2810mm wheelbase of CS95 also provide occupants with comfortable driving experience. What’s more, equipped with 9 airbags and  ESP systems, and compatible with ABS, EBD, TCS, HBA, HBB and many other functions, CS95 is capable to create full-time security system, with its one-step-ahead intelligent security safeguarding driver safety intelligently and all-dimentionally.

With overwhelming and minimalist design, driven by Golden Power Trio and safeguarded by intelligence security, CS95 of Changan Auto comes to a successful end in this ice and snow challenge, and also make prodessionals and friends take the lead in experiencing Best China Core and enjoy themselves to the full.

In addition, Changan Auto will stage on significant launchings of four new models in 2017, including CS55 (CS95 included), first household MPV and one middle-class car, involving many fields, such as SUV, MPV, and B-class cars, which is the first time in the history of Chinese auto brands. Launched first this year, CS95 has made eye-catching performance in this test drive. This is a good start in Year of New Model for Changan Auto. It is strong core that values most. We are convinced that launching of CS95 in coming March will bring forth more pleasant surprises.